As we do our best to assure the schedule information is up to date. With the weather or other changes beyond the control of the DWC this can change at any time. For last minute changes or cancellations, please contact: Jay Welsing –

Wrestling  MS Schedule  Practice







5th – 8th Grade

Dec. 3rd – Dec. 19th







Tuesdays & Thursdays
3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

 Jan. 2 – Feb. 19







Monday – Friday
3:30 PM – 5:00

Type Date Time Home/Host Opponent Location Leaves Return
Meet 01-14-20 4:30PM West De Pere Middle School Away vs. West De Pere, Pulaski Hemlock Creek Elementary 2:50PM 7:00PM
Meet 01-21-20 4:30PM Denmark High School Denmark vs. De Pere,
Freedom, Parkview
Purple Gym    
Meet 01-28-20 4:30PM Luxemburg-Casco  Away vs. Luxemburg Casco, Edison, Red Smith Lux-Casco Middle School 2:50PM 7:00PM
Meet 02-04-20 4:30PM Washington Middle School Away vs. Washington,
Bay View, Franklin
Washington Middle school 3:00PM 7:00PM
Meet 02-11-20 4:30PM Denmark High School Denmark vs. Bay View, Kewaunee, Lux-Casco Purple Gym    
Meet 02-18-20 4:30PM De Pere
Middle School
Away vs. De Pere, Pulaski De Pere
Middle School
 3:00PM  7:00PM
Meet 02-20-20 4:30PM Parkview
Middle School
Away vs. Parkview, 
West De Pere
Middle School
 2:50PM  7:00PM
Meet 02-24-20 4:30PM Lombardi Middle School  Away vs.  Lombardi, Edison, Franklin, Red Smith, Washington Lombardi Middle School 2:50PM 7:00PM