Scholarships may be awarded to graduating seniors from Denmark High School who have supported and been active in the High School Wrestling Program for a minimum of 3 years. The allocations of High School Scholarships shall be decided by the Board of Directors. Maximum amount per scholarship is $400. Any violation of school behavioral policies will not eliminate a candidate for a scholarship. The recipient must be entering a technical college or a four year college program after graduation. Awarded scholarships will be presented to the individuals at the beginning of the 2nd semester upon verification of enrollment. The scholarship applications must be submitted by March 31 of the current school year. The application is on the forms page.

2003 Scholarship Recipients
Matt Rasmussen
Danielle Koenig
Kyle Kapinos

2005 Scholarship Recipients
Michael Kudick
Mark Thiem
Sara Christensen

2006 Scholarship Recipients
Sam Petersen
Melissa Hansen
Mitchell Kouba

2007 Scholarship Recipients
Angela Ullmer
Eric Ronk
Ben Hebel
Kyle Collin

2008 Scholarship Recipients
Ryan Baugnet
Josh Hansen
Ryan Vandenbush
Alex Van Rite

2009 Scholarship Recipients
Luke Klarkowski
Matt Klarkowski

2010 Scholarship Recipients
Ryan Henderson
Max Loberger
Ryan Rupp

2011 Scholarship Recipients
Derek VandenBush
Luke Potts
Tyler VanRite
Brandon Stradel
Zachary Klarkowski

2012 Scholarship Recipients
Dalton Dworak
Rebecca Leiterman
Cody Kropp

2013 Scholarship Recipients
Alex Peters

2014 Scholarship Recipients
Brian VanRite
Alex Loberger
Jake Vogel
Jake Reetz
Logan Gazella

2015 Scholarship Recipients
Ryan DeGrand
Hunter Tenor
Hunter Warden

2016 Scholarship Recipients
Travis Wavrunek
Jake VandenHeuvel
Matt VandenHeuvel
Haley Jisa
Bret Collin
Chad Kropp